Drift Car Extreme Simulator

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Prepare to drift and drive your drift car in Game Tap's Drift Car Extreme Simulator. In a true drifting simulator, play the most wanted drift game. Drifting is not for the faint of heart! Allow yourself to be swept away by the adrenaline rush in the most realistic mobile racing game ever created.

Drive CarX to enjoy the best drift car racing experience in an extreme vehicle simulator. In this fantastic driving game, reach new high speeds with high-performance autos. You can improve your sports car driving talents by playing drift racing games. This is the most addictive vehicle game for drift car aficionados, with a separate handbrake button for effortless drifting. Become a drifter and paint donuts with your extreme car's burning tires. While drifting, enjoy realistic 3D animation for rich smoke effects. To collect additional money, show off your drifting talents and avoid slamming into side barriers. Have fun. You can play this game on your web browser for free on

Use W,A,S,D For player movement. Use Space for handbrake. Press F for Nos.


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