AC Plano

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Fly a heavily modified jet that is equipped to take out foes in the action-packed game AC Plano! You'll compete in races against other planes while testing your skills in thrilling stages, power-ups, and landscapes with authentic 3D physics. You'll adore it, it's the best war plane simulator there is!

The game has a full racing system, a booster cool-down system, adversary AI, a dogfight system with five weapons (machine gun, missiles, mines, shield, and repair), alternate routes, shortcuts, and three distinct gameplay modes: Championship, Arcade, and Time Trial. In the 2-player human vs modes, you can play alone or with a friend and there are three different difficulty levels available as well.

A local scoreboard, an unlock system where you may acquire things and tracks as you advance, and interesting countdowns to keep you on your toes are all available in AC Plano if you're seeking for a challenge.

On and other websites with more different, free, and unblocked games, you can play this game for free. You can start playing right away because there is no need to download anything.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on AC Plano to enjoy the excitement of flying a customized aircraft in a race against time. It's enjoyable, thrilling, and addictive!

- Arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) Keys for player 1 - Turn: Left | Right | Up | Down - Booster: X - Break: C - Power-up: Space - Camera: N - Pause: P or Escape Player 2 movement Keys - WASD keys (W, A, S, D) Keys for player 2 You can set your own keys also.


Action Racing