Cut 3D

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Explore the world of woodworking with Cut 3D, an exciting simulation game that takes you through the entire process of building from scratch. As a Jolly Lumberjack, players saw trees, craft boards, construct homes, and impress others with their woodworking skills. But Cut 3D is not the only game of its kind, as there are other popular games in the genre like "Woodcraft" and "Lumberjack's Dynasty" that offer similar experiences. In "Woodcraft," players can design and build their own homes using various materials and tools, while "Lumberjack's Dynasty" puts players in charge of their own lumber company, managing resources and expanding their business.

With Cut 3D, players can discover the ins and outs of wood processing and become a true lumberjack. And the best part? You can play for free right in your web browser on!

Addictive gameplay Different game mechanics for different woodworking processes. Follow the tutorial and explore the game world.


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