Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

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Drunken Boxing: Ultimate is an entertaining 2 player game you can play in your web browser and mobile for free on The drunken Boxing series is here with the Ultimate version. Arenas with 3d ambiance, improved physics, and special hits have been added to the game. Move to your opponent with balance and throw punches left and right at him/her! When your Special Hit bar is full, you can throw vomit at your opponent. Just wait for the right time and distance, and tap your special hit button! Also, watch out for your Energy Bar! If you run out of energy, it will take a while for you to recover.

Player 1: Move: "UP / DOWN ARROWS" Punches: "LEFT / RIGHT ARROWS" Special Hit: "L" Player 2: Move: "W,S" Punches: "A,D" Special Hit: "G"


Action 2 Player