FNF: Friday Night Funkin Holonight

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It's possible now to play Friday Night Funkin Holonight game in your web browser at for free. Description, Everything Anime and everything Friday Night Funkin' works together as well as bread and butter, which is why we are very excited that today on our website we had the chance to bring over for you the game called Friday Night Funkin Holonight, which crosses over FNF with HoloLive and other Vtubers many people all around the world really adore!

Do you know what is Hololive, and what are Vtubers?
You used to see anime girls just in anime, but now they are streaming video games on Twitch and YouTube, with there having been a rising popularity of Vtubers, which are 3d or 2d models of anime girls each with their own backstory, design, and animation, which stream games on the internet and have amassed lots and lots of fans, especially since last year.

Hololive is like an agency that manages these internet personalities, and on their platform are the most popular of these streamers, with there also being other similar websites. Well, now, Boyfriend has to go against Vtubers in a rhythm battle, something you can bet they would love to play themselves!

Among the girls featured in this game, we have Mano Aloe, Momosuzu Nene, Mori Calliope, Gawr Gura & Watson Amelia, as well as Shishiro Botan, each with original custom songs or reworks of songs from previous games.

How can you win the dance battle?
Try to catch the rhythm of the new songs and dance as well as possible, impressing the beautiful Girlfriend with your dance moves.
In order to win the battle of dance rhythms, you will have to be on stage with the arrows going from bottom to top, and when an arrow overlaps the shape of the arrow at the top, you will have to press the corresponding arrow, so as to convey to the dancer the movement he has to make.


Programming by ninjamuffin99
Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r
Music by Kawai Sprite

Mod by:

KeatonHoshida (Artist, Creative Lead, RIP + Sharkventure + Misteavous Myth-Buster)
C013HuffOfficial (FNF x UTAU Vocals + Normal mode chart)
SaltyHotcakes (Covers) Original Mod

Use the arrows to dance!


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