Help Me: Time Travel Adventure

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Help Me: Time Travel Adventure is a hypercasual adventure puzzle game with a lot of brain quests. Everyone has been eagerly waiting for it, and now it's finally here! A fascinating puzzle game where you need to find the right answer. If you pick the wrong choice, the hero won't be rescued. A game focused on both difficult logic and relaxation, so you'll have to put your brain into action and use your IQ to solve the puzzles. A great, fascinating story is waiting for you, a storyline in which you need to travel through different eras, moving from Ancient Egypt to the Wild West and from Ancient Greece to the future. On your path, you will need to solve puzzles to save the girl and her friends. Pull yourself into this fantastic puzzle game, solve complex problems, and engage your brain! The game is accompanied by dialogues and hint words for more immersion in the world. It's easy to understand for everyone, so go through the levels as a family!

Puzzle & quiz family fun game Choice of 2 or 3 options; Interesting and unpredictable plot; Many locations and eras; Beautiful graphics; Variety of skins. Have fun. You can play this game on your web browser for free on

How to play: You have a choice from several options, of which only one is correct! not everyone can solve these complex tests; you will need to use your wit and brain. The wrong options can lead to funny results for the hero. You can choose your appearance out of dozens of clothing items, a set that gives you hundreds of variations. You can choose options that allow you to look like whoever you want, from a botanist to a rock star.


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