Mob Control

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In Mob Control 3D, the objective is to lead a team of stickmen in exciting battles against enemy mobs. One unique aspect of the game is the ability to increase the size of your team by launching them through multiplier gates. Players control a canon that can be swiped horizontally to aim and shoot the stickmen to different locations. It's important to avoid the red gates and fend off the red crowd that aims to spoil your fun.

The goal is to gather as many stickmen as possible and capture all the bases. The game is available to play for free on, in your web browser. Get ready for an epic adventure!

The objective is to control a group of stickmen in battling against various enemy mobs. But the fun doesn't stop there! You can also increase the size of your stickman army by multiplying them. To do so, simply swipe horizontally to move the canon that launches your stickmen to the desired location. Additionally, each stickman is equipped with unique weapons and abilities, allowing you to approach battles in various ways. Strategize and build your stickman army to defeat wave after wave of enemy mobs and emerge victorious.


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