Rainbow Friends Shooting

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Play Rainbow Friends Shooting game. It's time to bring out the big guns and take down those pesky Rainbow Friends once and for all! In "Rainbow Friends Shooting" you'll get to practice your shooting skills and take on a squad of bloodthirsty predators. These rainbow monstrosities may be new to the scene, but they've already gained a reputation as some of the most dangerous and merciless villains around. It's up to you to show them who's boss and punish them for their atrocities.

But beware, these guys won't go down easily. You'll be facing off against leaders like Blue, Orange, and Green, and they'll stop at nothing to take you down. Don't worry, though - you'll earn rewards for each battle, which you can use to buy new weapons and beef up your arsenal. Just remember to stay agile and quick on your feet to avoid direct collisions and keep your health up. With some skill and luck, you'll become an unstoppable shooter that even real monsters will fear. Good luck out there! Have fun! You can play this game on your web browser for free on Superkidgames.com.

Mouse and Keyboard


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