Roar of City

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Play Roar of City Game online in your web browser and mobile at for free and more html5 games. Roar of City is a beat'em up game and action boys game with high-quality graphics and suitable gameplay for mobile. Fight with criminal gangs and arrest their commander to rescue the people. But now the city is angry and the horrible roar of that can be heard. If you are love classic Beat 'em up games from consoles such as SNES, arcade, genesis, nes (Or new ones) or you love new action games, this is an enjoyable free game for you. Good luck in fighting in the streets. Features: 1- a 2.5D isometric game. 2- 5 different moves for the player (Walk, Run, Punch, Kick, Special ). 3- 8 different enemy types. 4- 8 levels with completely different environments: (Forest park, Hotel, Amazon forest, Ship, Amusement park, Restaurant, City, Boss office). 5- Advanced AI system. 6- Autosave/load system. 7- Nice performance for mobiles.

Desktop _D: punch. _S: superpower. Mobile _Tap screen.


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