SCP Laboratory Idle Secret

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"SCP Laboratory Idle Secret" is a free-to-play idle clicker game with pixel graphics, available on As a manager, players are tasked with building and managing their own X-Files Foundation lab. To do this, players must tap to earn money and science points, which can then be used to hire employees, upgrade the laboratory, conduct experiments with aliens, and participate in story events. By completing these events, players can earn constant boosts for their entire lab.

The gameplay involves basic clicker mechanics, with some upgrades providing increased passive income. Experience the excitement of running your own secret lab in "SCP Laboratory Idle Secret."

This game has very simple controls! In order to accumulate money, click on the red button. Buy more advanced equipment, hire more professional employees - and your profit will grow! And money accumulates for the sake of carrying out the activities of a secret laboratory and passing an interesting storyline.