Sharkosaurus Rampage

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Sharkosaurus Rampage is a dinosaur action game you can play on your web browser and mobile for free on There is a secret underground laboratory hidden in the middle of California's Redwoods. Mad scientists are trying to clone a killer monster combining shark's and dinosaurs' DNA. You as a Sharkosaurus have to escape the secret lab and fight the security service working for a science corporation. Fight armored vehicles, military cars, jet-pack dudes, tanks, helicopters, ATVs, monster trucks, jet planes, and even a huge dragon monster. Smash the cars, eat enemies and destroy the lab equipment to stop the corporation from DNA fraud activities. Eat ammo boxes to be equipped with a super laser gun. Use various kinds of mechanisms to activate doors, elevators, and stairs. Do you have enough courage to escape, or stay in the specimen container waiting for the next DNA test? If you chose to fight, good luck!

Get out of the secret area.


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