Shoot The Watermelon

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Shoot The Watermelon is a 3D shooting game you can play on your web browser and mobile for free on You can meet your shooting ambition and improve your focus by shooting watermelons. Shoot The Watermelon is a gun simulator game for free to improve your focus and shooting skills level. Aim the targeted watermelon; press trigger and shoot the watermelon. Enjoy the real smash and bursting out of it. In this fruit shooting gun simulator game, you will crush fruits by focusing on your target and Become a shooting King. This Watermelon Shooting game is a new gun simulator where you hit the target with a real pistol or gun in your hand. Shoot The Watermelon is the best shooting practice game where you can shoot freely without any fear of damage. Targets are fruits so there is no risk of getting hurt or damaged. Be concentrated and focus on your target. Watermelons are moving around, keep an eye on the movement and hit your shoot accurately, and be a shooting king.

Mouse Rotate -> Aim Left Mouse Button ->Shoot


Action Shooting