Slap & Run 3D

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Get ready to experience the ultimate slapping frenzy in the 3D world with the game "Slap & Run". As the city's top slapper, your goal is to slap as many unsuspecting victims as possible while avoiding obstacles and projectiles that will slow you down. But be warned, the more you slap, the larger the mob of angry pursuers will become, so you better be quick on your feet!

This game falls under the category of arcade-style games where the player must navigate through obstacles and challenges to achieve a high score. Similar games in this genre include "Temple Run" and "Subway Surfers", which also require quick reflexes and dodging skills. In "Temple Run", the player must run through an endless maze while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins, while in "Subway Surfers", the player must navigate through a train station while dodging oncoming trains and collecting coins.

Overall, "Slap & Run" provides a unique and humorous take on the arcade-style game, providing players with a fun and entertaining experience that is sure to keep them coming back for more.

The controls are simple and addictive: just swipe left and right to move your character. Get close enough to a pedestrian and you’ll give them a big slap upside the face! Objective: Slap as many passengers as possible and run away without being caught - Win: The character reaches the end of the race without being stumbled by any obstacles or being caught - Loss: The character is caught by the other passengers or police that he has slapped or he is stumbled by an obstacle


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