Squid Fighter

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Now you can play the Squid Fighter game in your web browser for free at Squid Fighter is an exciting fighting game for two players that allows them to engage in incredible hand-to-hand combat with the villainous masked characters from the popular TV program. The Squid Game is a horror television show in which contestants must risk their lives in order to win money. As one of the disguised men or a desperate participant, you will fight to the death today.

Play against the computer or against another person on the same keyboard in this free online game. To defeat your opponent, use kicks, punches, and special moves. The fight is won by the first participant to win two rounds.

Are you ready to fight with Squid Game Game characters? Play this game with your friends, whether at school or at home, with the 2-player option. Let's start the competition!

Pink Player Move: "W, A,S,D" Punch: "F" Kick: "G" Bonus: "R" Green Player Move: "ARROW KEYS" Punch: "L" Kick: "K" Bonus: "O"


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