The Great Zombie Warzone

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The Great Zombie Warzone is a fun clicker action game. Have fun with this entertaining game of action, zombies, survival, queries, and much more The Great Zombie Warzone is a new exclusive game from superkidgames an army of zombies want to eat your brain and it's up to you to protect us!! Enjoy this game on superkidgames for free. Lead your human army to victory, define your strategy, upgrade your armor and firearms, and eliminate every zombie on the field! Protect your neighborhood from invading ZOMBIES! Join the epic battle, join The Great Zombie Warzone. Protect your soldiers and position them correctly to face the dangerous zombies on each level!!! Have fun. You can play this game on your web browser for free on

PC controls: Play with the mouse and right-click to select and position Mobile and Tablet Controls: Touch the screen to select and position your soldiers.


Action Clicker