Uphill Rush 12

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70% (7/10)
Have you tried playing Uphill Rush 12 yet? It's the latest addition to one of the most popular arcade game franchises, and it's a blast! Your mission is to reach the finish line as fast as you can, without flipping your ride over, of course.

What makes this installment different from the others is that you get to drive a car, but the track is anything but straight. You'll encounter crazy loopings, tricky jumps, and some other challenging obstacles along the way. But, don't worry, you can use these obstacles to your advantage and perform some cool stunts! Plus, the more levels you complete, the more power-ups and skins you can unlock.

One of the best parts about Uphill Rush 12 is that after you finish a level, you get rewarded with coins based on the stunts you pulled off and your finishing rank, as well as the coins you collected during the level. And with these coins, you can purchase new characters and rides!

You can easily play this game on superkidgames.com, along with a ton of other free and unblocked games, no need to download anything. So, what are you waiting for? Give Uphill Rush 12 a try and see how fast you can reach the finish line!

You can move the car with the arrow keys. The ‘up’ key will move the car forward. The ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ keys let you tilt the car in the air, allowing you to perform stunts.


Arcade Racing