Zombies Outbreak Arena

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77% (47/61)
Play Zombie Outbreak Arena Online for free on This is one of the best zombie shooter game! You are surrounded by darkness and only a gun and your flashlight will help you kill all of the zombies! Make sure to have a good look around because the zombies will easily sneak up from the darkness behind you. Be careful because there are multiple zombie types that wander through the level, trying to get you.

Survive for as long as possible on five different levels; Cross Road, Train Station, Maze, Park, and Road. Choose to play during the day, or try and survive at night with your flashlight equipped, and earn 25% more XP. Leveling up earns you skill points that you can spend on skills and upgrades for your health, ammo, flashlight, and more. There are a total of 40 skills you can unlock! Make sure to constantly keep moving, and look for nice power-ups and powerful weapons that spawn on the map. Power-ups like Nightvision, shield or exploding bullets, and weapons like a machine gun, shotgun, or a sniper will help you survive longer.

There are a lot of weapons and power-ups to claim, so make sure to survive long enough and pick them up. Turn up the volume to experience the awesome soundtrack, and start surviving. Can you survive the zombie outbreak?

Move player - W/A/S/D
Aim/Shoot - Cursor/LMB
Dash - LShift
Switch weapons - Q/E
Upgrade menu - Spacebar


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