Zombies Survival

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Hey there! Are you ready for some heart-pumping action? Look no further than Zombies Survival - the game that will have you on the edge of your seat! In this game, you find yourself in a world overrun by zombies, and you're one of the few lucky survivors. But luck will only get you so far, and you'll need to use all your skills and wits to stay alive.

Your mission is clear: make your way to the CDC to find a cure for the zombie virus. But that won't be easy - the undead are everywhere, and they're hungry for your flesh! You'll need to fight your way through hordes of zombies, using everything from guns to baseball bats to stay alive.

If you've played other zombie survival games on mobile or web browsers, you'll feel right at home with Zombies Survival. It has all the classic elements of the genre - resource management, base building, and of course, lots and lots of zombies. But what sets Zombies Survival apart is its intense gameplay and immersive story. You'll feel like you're really in a post-apocalyptic world, fighting for your life alongside your fellow survivors.

So what are you waiting for? Load up Zombies Survival on your web browser and start fighting those zombies! And the best part? It's completely free to play on Superkidgames.com. Good luck out there, survivor!

Use Mouse to shoot, and Arrow Keys to Move.


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