Gun War Z2

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For all apocalypse and zombie game lovers, Gun War Z2 is an epic zombie action game where you've got to save as many people as possible from the undead hordes. With a bunch of exciting levels and simple controls, it's a real thrill ride.

In Gun War Z2, you'll be playing in first-person shooter mode and you've got to get people to safety while blasting zombies left and right. There are 30 unique levels to conquer, divided into three leagues, so you won't get bored anytime soon.

Gun War Z2 is unique with its range of weapons available. You can choose from a machine gun to a laser and show off your style by putting together your own set-up of scope, weapon, and helicopter. Completing daily tasks will also keep you engaged and earn you some sweet rewards.

Play this game now on along with a whole bunch of other diverse, free, and unblocked games. Grab your weapon of choice, get out there, and show those zombies who's boss in Gun War Z2. Have an awesome adventure!

Simple and intuitive mouse control. Firing a rocket to the "A" key. Your task is to get people to the airfield and take them to safety. Be careful when firing missiles or blowing up barrels, people can be hurt by flying around!


Action Shooting