Hydro Storm 2

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It's possible now to play the Hydro Storm 2 game in your web browser for free at and more fun games. Somewhere, on the treacherous waves of tomorrow, where the law is non-existent, and lady justice has packed her bags... participate in deadly jet ski races in the post-apocalyptic future. Drive through difficult tracks among flooded ruins of the city. Lead your wave runner through the flooded streets, highways, and tunnels in this Android game. Jump on ramps and over different obstacles in your way. Avoid collisions. Be the first one at any cost. Shoot your opponents with various weapons mounted on your jetski. Pick up various bonuses like missiles or torpedoes on the way. Destroy your competitors and be the first one at the finish.

The player is supposed to complete all challenges. Some of the challenges are named Metro Mayhem, Harboring Destruction, River Ruckus, and more.

- [WASD]/[ARROWKEYS] - Steer
- [Z]/[LMB] - Primary weapon
- [X]/[RMB] - Secondary weapon
- [ESC]/[P] - Pause game
- [M] - Mute sound


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