Noob Archer

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Noob Archer is a puzzle game that has shooting elements. Zombies have overrun the world, and you must rid the world of evil one zombie at a time! Use your bow and arrow to clear every carefully-designed level of zombies. Zombies in this game will die as soon as one of your arrows (or an environmental hazard like dynamite) hits them. So aim carefully and enjoy discovering multiple creative ways of shooting zombies. Some levels will give you fewer arrows than there are zombies, so you also have to strategize and try to destroy various enemies with a single arrow. Feel free to skip a level if you're stuck. Can you finish all 150 levels in Noob Archer?. Have fun! You can play this game on your web browser for free on

Hold down the left mouse button or your finger to aim, and release to shoot.


Puzzle Shooting Arcade