Stickman vs Huggy Wuggy

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Yo, have you heard of this game called Stickman vs Huggy Wuggy? It's a pretty dope game where you play as a stickman with an AWP and your goal is to kill this creepy character named Huggy Wuggy. You gotta shoot him like a baldy, man!

All you gotta do is tap the screen to make Stickman shoot his vex and take down Huggy Wuggy. The levels are easy-peasy, so you can get through them pretty quickly. Stick Bowmaster is what you'll be by the end of it.

Oh, and be careful because the floor is lava and these monster school sticks are coming at you too. But, that just adds to the thrill of the game, ya know?

You can play Stickman vs Huggy Wuggy at along with a bunch of other cool, diverse, and unblocked games. The best part is you don't even need to download anything, just go ahead and get your game on!

Aim and hit the head of Huggy Wuggy! Shoot and try to hit the target right away. Be careful! You can hurt yourself, too.


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