StoryZoo Games

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StoryZoo Games is a fantastic collection of educational video games for kids that'll surely keep them entertained and learning at the same time. The games in StoryZoo Games are designed to help kids get to know more about zoo and farm animals in a fun and playful way.

The game has plenty of features to offer, including different mini-games like memory games, word games, picture puzzles, and more. What makes it even more exciting is that StoryZoo's characters, such as Bax the Bear, Pepper the Parrot, and Toby the Monkey, also appear in the game, providing players with a sense of familiarity.

Play StoryZoo Games on, along with other diverse free and unblocked games. The best part? You don't even have to download anything!

So, if you're looking for a fun and educational game that'll keep your kids engaged, StoryZoo Games is definitely worth checking out!

The game’s main location is a classroom in which children are invited to play minigames. The minigames are shown by lit-up game elements. When clicking these, the corresponding minigame will be started. All of the minigames can easily be controlled using the mouse or touchscreen.


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